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TW-26: BUM OUT "Celebrate With Me, I'm Letting Myself Go" LP


BUM OUT "Celebrate With Me, I'm Letting Myself Go" LP

300 copies pressed on depressing white vinyl.
Split release between Twistworthy Records and 1407 Records.

TW-25: POIZON "Church Is Poizon" LP / CASSETTE


POIZON "Church Is Poizon" LP / CASSETTE

336 copies pressed on Black vinyl.
100 copies on Black cassette tape.

TW-24: The Ex-Optimists / Economy Island "Bee Corpse Thousand / Pantherbomb" split 7"

Twistworthy Records / Sinkhole Texas Inc. · TW-24

The Ex-Optimists (from College Station, TX) and Economy Island (from Austin, TX) team up here for a split 7" that features one original from each band as well as cover songs originally written by Guided By Voices!

Track Listing:
1. The Ex-Optimists - "Take Heart"
2. The Ex-Optimists - "Drinker's Peace" (Guided By Voices cover)
3. The Ex-Optimists - "14 Cheerleader Coldfront" (Guided By Voices cover)

4. Economy Island - "The Jerk"
5. Economy Island - "Pantherz" (Guided By Voices cover)

(split released with Sinkhole Texas, Inc)

TW-23: Heater - Self-titled 7"


Despite substantial academic research into the punk industry mail-order boom of yore, many have forgotten the air tragedy of 1994. One dark and stormy night, a cargo liner full of lost Avail test pressings, mythical Drive Like Jehu 7”s and much of the Dischord catalogue disappeared over the jungles of Fort Worth, Texas. None of the crew was ever recovered. A group of isolated tribal elders came to venerate the found records as the sacred fetish objects in their cargo cult. Before his untimely demise at the hands of enraged pentacostal locals, pioneering ethnomusicologist Dr. Britt Robisheaux was able to record the cult's rites of rudimentary ecstatic rhythm. Heater.

TW-22: Economy Island - Self-titled LP


Economy Island is an Austin based indie rock band comprised of Richi Fatheree (guitar/vocals), John Christoffel (lead guitar), Mark Twistworthy (bass/vocals), and Paul Ahern (drums/vocals). Economy Island draw influence from many places, incorporating the hook laden indie rock sound of the '90s, a healthy dose of classic rock, and a touch of classic UK alternative music, as well as drawing directly from bands like Guided By Voices, Superchunk and Dinosaur Jr to create a sonic landscape filled with catchy hooks and big guitars not unlike the independent rock bands of yesteryear.

TW-21: Bum Out - "Pain Don't Hurt" CS


Bum Out makes melodic, emotional jams without being "emo", taking equal amounts of inspiration from Husker Du, Michael Anthony's bass lines, Hickey, Yakov Smirnoff, and Jawbreaker. AKA "Bummer Punk."

Bum Out contains current and/or ex-members of: Camp X-Ray, Wild America, Manikin, The Capitalist Kids, User Error, Prince, Trigger Quintet and 30 other bands that you've most likely never heard of.

Released 2016 on cassette. Twistworthy Records #21.
Maybe this will come out on vinyl some day.

TW-20: Boss Eye - "Plays Cottage Vortex" 12"


Rock'n'roll noise/noisy rock'n'roll from Austin, TX.

Imagine a cacophony of The Urinals, The Intelligence and A Frames playing a sweltering, sweat filled DIY punk house show during the hottest of Texas summers. Boss Eye kinda sounds like that.

"Plays Cottage Vortex" was recorded in early 2015 with Orville Neeley (The OBN III's, The Best, etc) at the controls.

Boss Eye features current and/or ex-members of: The Crack Pipes, Total Sound Group Direct Action Committee, Serious Tracers, Lucas Hudgins and the First Cousins, ZZ Does It, Attack Formation, Tits, Mopac and 183, Strong Silent Type, The Party Lines, Ignorance Park, 28 Heaves, Attack Information, Aformatic On Tact, The Young Losers, Bangaar, Mex Mode, Reaganometry, Chamberlain Green, Those Peabodys, Aadm Our Hatley, Red X Red M, The Devil Probably, The Matrix, Radioland Hitsquad, The Kodiaks, Kodiak, Bottle Service, Bitch Attack, Strega, The Olive Group, and The Hades Kick. Seriously? Yes, seriously.

TW-19: Total Sound Group Direct Action Committee - "Your Move" LP


Mike, Tim, Nick, Patrick, and Ben. Somewhere between MC5, Small Faces, James Brown and a wall of emotion and chaos, this record is total fire music. Although it has been 10 years since they've played together, this record is an absolutely joyful noise that tears at the speakers and forces you to dance and celebrate life. It was recorded with our longtime friends Bryan and Mike at Sweatbox Studios (RIP).

Limited "multi-color splatter" vinyl with huge fold-out poster; artwork by Rich Jacobs and Tim Kerr.

Release date: 2016. Split release with Insect Records.

TW-18: Ghost Knife - "Garrote Guarantee" 7"


TW-17 - Flesh Lights - "No Longer" b/w "You Don't Know" 7"


100 on Red Vinyl
200 on Black Vinyl
Digital Download included

TW-16 - LIVIDS "She Likes Zits" 7"


100 on limited Red Vinyl
400 on regular Black Vinyl
Digital Download included

TW-15: Wet Lungs - s/t 7"


100 on limited White Vinyl
400 on regular Black Vinyl
Digital Download included

TW-14 - The Best "Black Triangle" 7"


The Best are the four most talented musicians to ever exist playing the greatest songs ever written.

300 Copies, black vinyl.
Digital Download code included!!

TW-13: Weird Party - "The Secret Lives Of Men" 7"


300 pressed, black vinyl
Digital Download Code included!!

TW-12: Flesh Lights - "Muscle Pop" LP/CD


500 pressed, black vinyl
Digital Download Code included!!

TW-11: Come And Take It - "Forget It?" 7"


300 pressed, hand numbered black vinyl
Digital Download Code included!!

TW-10: Flesh Lights "You're A Stealer" 7"


300 pressed, hand numbered black vinyl
Digital Download Code included!!
Includes individually personalized inserts - no two are alike!

TW-09: The No No No Hopes - s/t 7"


300 pressed, black vinyl

TW-08: Camp X-Ray - s/t 7"


500 pressed, black vinyl

TW-07: Paul Newman - "Twistworthy Number Seven" CDep


1000 pressed
Letterpressed sleeve by Jennifer Farrell of Chicago, IL

TW-06: Society Of Friends "Vol. III" 7"


500 pressed, black vinyl
50 w/misprint light blue cover
450 w/regular dark blue glossy cover

TW-05: Dakota - "I Got Called A Teenager..." 7"


500 pressed, gray marble vinyl

TW-04: Fatal Flying Guilloteens - "New Iron Fist" 7"


600 pressed, black vinyl
50 (i think) released with hand numbered screened cover
550 released with regular "Rex" cover

TW-03: Paul Newman - "Clear Baby" 7"


500 pressed, black vinyl
SOLD OUT! Songs available on the "Re-issue! Re-package! Re-evaluate!" CD on My Pal God Records.

TW-02: 30footFall - "Junior High Sucked" 7"


500 pressed, black vinyl