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TW-09: The No No No Hopes - s/t 7" EP TW-09

The No No No Hopes continue to deliver the goods on their second release of primeval, raw, and unpretentious garage punk. Picking up where last summer's demo left off, the quartet, fueled by a steady diet of Jägerbombs and soy lattes, belt out five original songs as well as a cover of the classic Action Swingers single "Kicked In The Head" on their debut EP. Coming from the once fertile garage rock mecca of Austin Texas, fans of real-deal garage punk should take note as the band draw their roots from garage greats such as Supercharger, The Sonics, and The Mummies but keep their own flavor at the forefront.

Best known for their high energy live sets and often ridiculous onstage banter, The No No No Hopes spent much of the past year honing their craft, playing as supporting act for many touring bands while building a loyal fan base across Texas. Recorded at the world renowned Sweatbox Studios with legendary producer/engineer Mike Vasquez, these new songs are more polished than previous recordings but still retain the lo-fi, trashy edge the band is known for.

Track Listing:
1. Turn It Off
2. Drink The Wine
3. Anthem
4. Rolling Up My Sleeves
5. Pistols At Dawn
6. Kicked In The Head (Action Swingers)