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TW-13: Weird Party - "The Secret Lives Of Men" 7" TW-13

Weird Party are from Houston, and feature ex-members of the FATAL FLYING GUILLOTEENS (Estrus Records, Frenchkiss Records, GSL Records) and SUGAR SHACK (Estrus Records). Much like a slap in the face, or a kick in the crotch, WEIRD PARTY came out of the gates with the charge of a thousand knaves, resulting in their debut self-released 7" last year. Imagine the terseness of the Guilloteens mixed with the rock'n roll riffage of the mighty Sugar Shack covered in a layer of heavy… and you might have something close to WEIRD PARTY. This four song EP won't disappoint.

Track Listing:

1. Euphoria Morgue
2. I Don't Want You To Know
3. How the Breast Stung
4. Birth Spasms

Pressing Information

300 copies, Black vinyl.