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TW-24: THE-EX-OPTIMISTS / ECONOMY ISLAND - "Bee Corpse Thousand / Pantherbomb" split 7" TW-24

The Ex-Optimists (from College Station, TX) and Economy Island (from Austin, TX) team up here for a split 7" that features one original from each band as well as cover songs originally written by Guided By Voices!

Track Listing:
1. The Ex-Optimists - "Take Heart"
2. The Ex-Optimists - "Drinker's Peace" (Guided By Voices cover)
3. The Ex-Optimists - "14 Cheerleader Coldfront" (Guided By Voices cover)

4. Economy Island - "The Jerk"
5. Economy Island - "Pantherz" (Guided By Voices cover)

(split released with Sinkhole Texas, Inc)

Pressing Information

Limited edition of 500 copies! OUT NOW!