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I am super excited to announce the next two releases on Twistworthy Records!  

Out in early 2013 will be a 7" from LIVIDS (from Brooklyn, ex-members of New Bomb Turks, Zodiac Killers) as well as a 7" from WET LUNGS (from Austin, ex-members of The Roller, The Locust).  Both of these records are fucking great and I couldn't be happier to be putting them out. 

Later in the year will bring a new 12" from COME AND TAKE IT as well as a FLESH LIGHTS re-press (and maybe something new)?  

LIVIDS 7" and WET LUNGS 7" are both in the process of being pressed now and should be out soon!  Check back here for information about ordering and distribution, as well as release dates and other info!

Posted on January 7th, 2013