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BOSS EYE "Plays Cottage Vortex" LP OUT NOW!


Rock'n'roll noise/noisy rock'n'roll from Austin, TX.

Imagine a cacophony of The Urinals, The Intelligence and A Frames playing a sweltering, sweat filled DIY punk house show during the hottest of Texas summers. Boss Eye kinda sounds like that.

"Plays Cottage Vortex" was recorded in early 2015 with Orville Neeley (The OBN III's, The Best, etc) at the controls.

Boss Eye features current and/or ex-members of: The Crack Pipes, Total Sound Group Direct Action Committee, Serious Tracers, Lucas Hudgins and the First Cousins, ZZ Does It, Attack Formation, Tits, Mopac and 183, Strong Silent Type, The Party Lines, Ignorance Park, 28 Heaves, Attack Information, Aformatic On Tact, The Young Losers, Bangaar, Mex Mode, Reaganometry, Chamberlain Green, Those Peabodys, Adam Our Hatley, Red X Red M, The Devil Probably, The Matrix, Radioland Hitsquad, The Kodiaks, Kodiak, Bottle Service, Bitch Attack, Strega, The Olive Group, and The Hades Kick. Seriously? Yes, seriously.

Boss Eye "Plays Cottage Vortex" is the 20th record on the Twistworthy Records label. Order here.

Stream a few songs from the record now:

Posted on January 16th, 2016