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I'm very excited to once again partner up with Super Secret Records and Beerland to present this show.  This time around, representing Twistworthy will be Boss Eye (new 12" out soon-ish), Ghost Knife (4 song 7" out now), and Bum Out (new 12" also soon-ish).  The whole show looks killer.  Click here for the Facebook invite.  And thanks once again to Jay Campbell for the great design on the poster.

Super Secret & Twistworthy Records 2015 Unofficial SXSW Show

Wednesday March 18th, 2015 - 8pm

FREE SHOW - No Wristbands Required - No RSVP Required - 21+ only


Nazi Gold (12:30am)

Boss Eye (11:45pm)

John Wesley Coleman Band (11:00pm)

Ghost Knife (10:15pm)

Art Acevedo (9:30pm)

Bum Out (8:45pm)

Suspirians (8:00pm)

Posted on February 24th, 2015
Come And Take It has changed their name...

Come And Take It is tired of being confused with all of the other bands, businesses, organizations and everything else using that phrase in one sense or another, so they have decided to change their name!  Come And Take It is now called:


I'm excited for this change!  They will be playing out under the new name soon, with a new record sometime to follow!

Posted on August 26th, 2013
January 29th, 2013 - New United States Postal Service rates... again?

The US Postal Service initiated a new price hike, which doesn't effect domestic shipping much, but the same cannot be said for international shipping.  In response, you'll notice that I raised the shipping rates today for all product.

For more information how it effects small record labels, there was a nice article posted online by NPR today which you might want to check out.  There are some good, real life examples here:

via Rising Postal Rates Squeeze Small Record Labels 

Is the answer that labels need to up the ante by making a higher quality package that people will really want to spend that kind of money on to hold the records in their hands?  That's what i'll strive to do, as there is nothing else I can do. 

Posted on January 29th, 2013

I am super excited to announce the next two releases on Twistworthy Records!  

Out in early 2013 will be a 7" from LIVIDS (from Brooklyn, ex-members of New Bomb Turks, Zodiac Killers) as well as a 7" from WET LUNGS (from Austin, ex-members of The Roller, The Locust).  Both of these records are fucking great and I couldn't be happier to be putting them out. 

Later in the year will bring a new 12" from COME AND TAKE IT as well as a FLESH LIGHTS re-press (and maybe something new)?  

LIVIDS 7" and WET LUNGS 7" are both in the process of being pressed now and should be out soon!  Check back here for information about ordering and distribution, as well as release dates and other info!

Posted on January 7th, 2013